Martha Christian

singer songwriter worship leader


The eclectic musical cornucopia that influenced Martha Christian as a youth can be heard throughout her unique blend of jazz, rock and R&B; a sound she has coined, “progressive folk.” While compared to Norah Jones, Sarah Maclachlan, Bonnie Raitt and other female pop/rock artists, Martha is embracing her place as an authentic and transparent singer/songwriter.

Her passion is to see people alive and free as they learn more about their redemption story, and feels music has always been a powerful instrument in that dance with grace. She's not afraid to trickle faith through toe-tappin', head noddin' melodies as honestly as she can, and that has won her audiences over. She's a quirky gal, but an honest one and that keeps people listening.

Following years of leading in camp, retreat, and worship settings, Martha toured to promote her debut project, “Dare You to Trust Me," released June 19th, 2012, and while in South Florida, a connection was made with a church in KY. In a true "Dare you to trust Me" act of courage, the Christian family moved to Bowling Green, KY where Martha took on a new position as the contemporary worship leader for Broadway United Methodist Church.

After serving for many years as a worship leader in the church, Martha has a renewed desire to challenge listeners through relevant heartaches and triumphs of living an authentic life in their pursuit of truth. More honest and bold songs have come from this journey and have resonated with and encouraged her audiences.

Martha can be found singing in Nashville, Bowling Green and often back in mountains of East Tennessee. Be on the lookout for new music coming soon!