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 I’ve been reminded often as we walk in this direction that I don’t order my steps. There is much talk about destiny and making your own, but the truth of it is, there are just entirely too many variables for me to completely chose my “best life now.” It’s an impossible goal.

 But I have found that as I do the things for Love, the other pieces just seem to fall in place. And that’s just where I want to be.



I’m thrilled to be heading back to Naples, FL for the Storytellers Creative Arts Conference

As a creative person awakened to life by the love, sacrifice and redemption of Christ, I struggle with the categorization of “Christian” art. Art cannot be Christian when it is but an expression; it has no soul. But as I create, the soul of the story, the song, the painting is mine. And I can create with bravery and beauty or within the safety net of a defined space, somewhat akin to painting by numbers. I struggle with just where to go with my own personal music, but my heart keeps coming back to this: Find me daily trusting, loving, and doing the hard work armed with fearless courage.

I am so encouraged by the folks that gather in Naples with me. This call to more progressive, more compelling mainstream art from the Christian community is the resounding cry from the presenters, and I’m thrilled to be joining them again. Might God be calling you to join us to? What would happen if we, the artists who happen to be Christian, got together and said, “How can we reflect the glory of God as magnificently as He enables us to do?” I think it would be better than magic. And yes, I said magic.

Hope you can join us! In the mean time, I’ll be doing a few festivals in the Southeast region, singing out whenever I can. Check our upcoming events to see when you can come out and see us!




  1. Hi. I plan to attend and it was God hearing me, knowing I needed this environment and giving affirmation which led me to to it. Your words are profound & resonate deeply…thank you for sharing what’s on your heart! Blessings!

  2. Hey Stacey! Make sure we meet down in Naples 🙂 Blessings to you as well!

  3. So great to meet you yesterday at the conference! Blessings of great creativity as you embrace your place as a budding Psalmist 🙂 @Stacey Louiso

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