Smoky Mountain Fall

It’s been a wild fall already and we’re just getting started!!! Here are some highlights.

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 Many thanks to Christina Curry and Kat Speer with the Smoky Mountain Songwriters Festival for taking these great shots!!

I had the great pleasure of being a part of the first annual Smoky Mountain Songwriters Festival in Gatlinburg, TN. No, this is not Steven Curtis Chapman. This is a pic I took of me and my new friend Jeff Barnes. We got to play together at the Park Vista lounge as part of the Smoky Mountain Songwriters Festival. He was wonderful. You should check him out.

Another one to check off the bucket list is playing on the Ole Smoky Moonshine Hollar Stage with the festival! The party lights draped lazily over the rocking chairs filled with grateful folks who just sampled the moonshine made for a PERFECT venue. I loved it. Met some great new friends, was encouraged to record “Hold My Hand” and found that I LOVE the Bose L1 Towers. LOVE EM. Best live speakers out there!

FUNNY story…

I’ve been able to be a part of the Smoky Mountain Songwriters Festival from when it was just a dream in Cyndy Reeves Montgomery’s heart and I was so stinking proud of her as the songwriters gathered in the Edgewater Hotel to hear the winners of the songwriting competition. As folks gathered in the back of the room, awaiting the scores to be tallied, I was talking to my new friend Lee Johnson when Cyndy called me up to hand out the awards!!! It was like an Inspire Worship Conference DEJA VU!!!! I’m destined to be Vanna White in this world. All there is to it. Here I am with Jonathan Dean Snellings, who won the overall songwriting competition. He was great. Be watching for him. As for the pics, I’m in EVERY other award pic from that night. And there were PLENTY 🙂

My good friend Larry Love with Larry Love Photography visited me when I was singing at the Sevier County Fair and caught this great shot. I love his eye. My sweet family came and stayed for my whole 2 hour set. If that doesn’t say “We believe in you,” I don’t know what does. I’m amazingly blessed.

I sincerely hope that every day you use those 20 seconds of courage to take a step of faith toward that quiet dream in your soul. It’s a crazy ride, but isn’t that we all want? At least just a little? God is a god who loves to give the big dreams and then faithful to give the God-sized provisions that make them happen. I’m praying you are brave enough to trust Him with them. He is good and He loves us. He’s daring us to trust Him.

Related, check out my album if you haven’t yet. It’s huge on Spotify. I KID.

Blessings to you!




  1. Martha, love these comments about the Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival. I do hope you don’t mind me sharing them. Your remarks touched my heart. Thanks for being a part of the SMSWF and making this dream come true for all songwriters. You are a very important and special part of the formation of the SMSWF!

  2. Absolutely! Share away friend! I’m so proud of this festival and super grateful to be a part of bringing something so incredibly special to my hometown!Thanks for bringing it to us Cyndy!

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